ISOCORR trading company from Braila

      was established in 2004 and it has been organised as a private limited company.
     Economic agents from various branches have taken advantage of our staff services: electrical power production, chemistry, petrochemistry, cellulose and paper producing companies, machine building industry, ferrous and non ferrous metallurgy, ready-made clothes industry, weaving and spinning mills, agriculture and food industry, cement industry as well as county and local governments, natural persons.
     Having highly-skilled staff , top quality work have been carried out and in due time. The personnel structure of the company consisted mainly of highly skilled workers, as follows: 70 bricklayers, 35 bricklayers and house painters; 45 sheet metal workers, 50 insulating workers.
     With regard to the technical and managing staff we can mention that our company have employed a staff of 12 engineers who act as chiefs of building sites, work-places, 4 of them are designers very experienced in any field of research and insulating work and two engineers are specialised and authorized in the field of quality assurance and control.

Pompiliu Dewald